Things I Learned Last Night

The Podcast

Every night before bed Tim takes sometime to read as much as possible about some random subject. For years it has done nothing but give him an unnecessary amount of information about little known facts. Jaron has known Tim all along this journey and as a result has learned a substantial amount of useless trivia. Things I Learned Last Night is a window into the conversations Jaron and Tim have chronicling this useless knowledge. Subscribe to the podcast and you’ll learn a little, laugh a lot and probably get to know the guys a little better.

Jaron Myers

Comedian | Musician | Chick-Fil-A Expert

Myers has performed for thousands across the country from conferences of a few thousand, to a youth group in Colorado with 6 students (they paid him in burritos). Jaron says his favorite show happened at a state penitentiary. “After the show, one of the inmates came up to me and said, ‘I’ve known some of these guys for 5 or 6 years and I’ve never even seen them smile but you made us laugh so hard. I really needed that’ and that is why I do this”

Over the last 4 years he has built a name for himself in the industry, sharing the stage with names like Creed Bratton (NBC’s “The Office”) and Bob Smiley!

Jaron currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where he sits at Starbucks during the week photoshopping and listening to people pitch pyramid schemes to their friends and family members.

Tim Stone

Pastor | Web Developer | Useless fact connoisseur

Tim graduated from Evangel University in 2016 with a degree in Biblical Studies. He is now continuing his education at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Masters degree in Theological Studies. Tim says he’s pursuing his education to pursue his calling, “I’ve felt called to ministry since I was young. I take that very seriously and want to be as prepared as possible for that call.”

During his undergrad Stone also learned the ins and outs of web development. Shortly after graduating he began his own company, TJStone Creative, delivering web products to companies large and small alike. Tim has worked on projects for companies across the nation in places like New York, Denver, Houston, and Kansas City.

Tim currently lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri where he serves as Associate Student and Family Life Pastor at Summit Park Church.